If your dog goes missing

If your dog goes missing, you should immediately contact regional dog control officers and SPCA members . Often a dog stays within the area so it’s best to ask your neighbours to keep an eye out. Similarly, you can make flyers to hand out around your neighbourhood. Make sure your flyer includes an accurate description of your dog, its name, and ideally, a recent photo.

There are various websites which are great for quickly sending out information about your dog across a wide network. These sites include Pets on the Net , TradeMe , Doogle and Gumtree .

To reduce the risk of your dog getting lost or stolen, you can also have your dog micro-chipped. Micro-chipping generally costs between $35 and $95 and is a simple, straightforward procedure that can be done at your local vet’s. The cost of micro-chipping can sometimes be reduced if you get other services at the same time, such as neutering or vaccinations. Once micro-chipped, your dog can be scanned for their unique microchip number and identified through a national database. Micro-chipping can also reduce the cost of registration with some Councils.